Healing Arts

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About Us

The Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program integrates literary, performing and visual art experiences in the healing process.

Providing the very best patient care means treating more than just physical symptoms. The Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program addresses the emotional needs of patients and families by integrating literary, performing, and visual art experiences into the healing process. The result is a more inspirational, supportive, and restorative environment for patients, visitors, and caregivers of Carilion Clinic.

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like more information about the Dr. Robert L. A. Keeley Healing Arts Program, please call 540-224-5398 or email healingarts@carilionclinic.org.

Latest Posts

Every few weeks of my residency, I've proposed a new question to staff, patients and visitors. We've placed boxes in a couple of the waiting rooms and communicated the questions through Carilion email as well.

"WHAT are you doing?" I turned to see a woman smiling at the pencil work in progress for the Summer painting in The Pirouette of Seasons.

This morning at the rehabilitation center I played on several floors. There was much discussion surrounding the storytelling aspect of the Bach suites. Many explained how the music brought them back to a better time in their life. Others described images that were brought to mind, such as walking through forest or an artist painting. Most of the patients don’t regularly listen to classical music, but many mentioned they would like to add some Bach suites to their playlist.