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QUESTION: Can the effects of aging on muscles, tendons, and ligaments be slowed with exercise?


ANSWER: Muscle loss usually begins in the fourth decade of life, and a 30 percent loss of muscle mass can occur over 20 years. Aging muscles often lose endurance, become more susceptible to injury, and require more time to heal after injury. Tendons and ligaments often lose elasticity and contribute to stiffening and loss of motion.

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Seasonal Tips


QUESTION: I’ve heard a lot about ball players having “a torn labrum” or “labral repairs.” What is this injury?


ANSWER: The biceps muscle has two tendon attachments at the shoulder. One attaches to a small bony area (coracoid) next to the shoulder joint. The other attaches inside the shoulder to the top of the shoulder socket (glenoid). The shoulder socket is made deeper by a tough cartilage rim called the glendoid labrum. The biceps tendon attaches to the socket through the glenoid labrum.

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Ask a Doc

Here you will find frequently asked questions with answers from our sports medicine physicians about everyday exercise, common injuries, prevention, and tips for the season. It is always best to discuss any concerns you may have with your physician and these tips are not meant to replace the recommendations from your physician. If you are experiencing pain from an injury, do not wait to seek treatment. Call your primary care physician for a referral or Carilion Clinic Orthopaedics at 540-725-1226 and we'll help you with scheduling an appointment.

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