Support Group

This support group gives recently diagnosed breast cancer patients the opportunity to meet other women who are sharing similar experiences. Please join us as we come together to discuss managing emotions and stress, nutrition, exercise, and many other topics that can help those touched by breast cancer.

The group’s moderators teach relaxation and coping techniques, as well as guided imagery and meditation.We share personal testimonials and invite guest speakers to present on a variety of subjects. Participants are encouraged to give suggestions for future topics and speakers.

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Continuing Care

There is no reason why cancer patients should suffer needlessly from great pain or discomfort, either from the disease itself or its treatment. At Carilion Clinic, we offer palliative care to improve the quality of life for anyone suffering from advanced or disabling illness.

If the time arrives when a patient chooses to discontinue treatment, you can trust that Carilion Clinic Hospice will support you and those close to you.

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Bladder Cancer

Cancer of the bladder, the hollow organ where urine is stored, is fairly rare. Symptoms of bladder cancer include a change in urinary patterns and/or blood in the urine. Risk factors for bladder cancer include smoking, a history of having had bladder cancer, malformations of the bladder and exposure to certain types of chemicals.

Diagnostic services offered include:

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Surgical Oncology

Many cancer patients require surgery at some point in their treatment journey, whether for a biopsy, tumor excision or a more dramatic procedure.

Because surgery is among the most effective treatments for many types of cancer, we’re proud to offer our patients access to a team of highly skilled and specialized surgeons with wide experience treating many forms of cancer.

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Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy is an integral aspect of cancer treatment. At Carilion Clinic, our leadership is committed to investing in new and innovative technologies that provide patients in our community access to the most sophisticated cancer therapies without having to travel long distances. Carilion’s Radiation Oncology department works collaboratively with diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology. We combine high-tech, non-invasive imaging techniques with a devotion to compassionate care.

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