Every Woman's Life

Our goal is to keep all women healthy, but during challenging economic times, we recognize that you may be tempted to delay or even forgo annual mammograms and PAP smears because you can’t afford them.

Fortunately, with Every Woman’s Life (EWL), a program that is federally funded through the Virginia Department of Health, Carilion Clinic is able to provide these invaluable preventive services free of charge, provided you meet these qualifications:

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Am I too young to have a mammogram?

Do I need a mammogram every year?

What if no one in my family has had breast cancer?

Your doctor can answer most of your questions about breast health. A mammogram can help clear up the rest. It's quick and easy to schedule, and it's usually covered by insurance. Carilion offers 10 screening locations throughout western Virginia for your convenience.

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Women's Health

At Carilion Clinic our goal is to help women be as healthy as possible through every stage of life, from adolescence through your childbearing years to menopause and beyond. Right here in our own community, our team of board-certified physicians, registered nurse practitioners and dedicated support staff offers a full range of preventive screening options, sophisticated diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge treatment alternatives, all in an environment that is warm, personalized and patient-centered.

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