Cardiac Surgery

Daunting as it is to face heart surgery, it helps to know that modern medicine has made enormous strides in safety and effectiveness. Heart surgery patients are in expert hands at Carilion Clinic, where our cardiac surgeons are highly experienced at using the most advanced technologies and procedures to perform the complete range of invasive and minimally invasive heart surgeries for valve repair and replacement, coronary artery bypasses, and other cardiac conditions.

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Women & Heart Disease

It’s no secret that women and men have many differences … and that’s certainly true with regard to heart disease. Women are affected differently than men. At Carilion Clinic we not only provide the specialized resources and treatment for women with heart disease, we also are committed to spreading awareness around our Virginia community in the hope that we can, literally, save many families from heartache.

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Heart Disease Diagnostics

At Carilion Clinic, reducing incidence of and death from heart disease in our western Virginia community is our priority. We’ve invested in a comprehensive suite of advanced diagnostic cardiovascular services. Equipped with the latest, most innovative technology and highly trained in its use, our doctors are experts in quickly and thoroughly identifying and treating a wide array of cardiovascular conditions.

Common tests used to diagnose and treat heart disease include:

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Chest Pain Care

If you or someone you are with experiences sudden chest pain, take it seriously. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring chest pain or believing that your discomfort is not important. There are a variety of conditions that can cause chest pain – not all are serious but some, including heart attack, can be fatal.

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Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

Carilion Clinic has been providing advanced surgical care for cardiac and thoracic surgery patients in western Virginia for more than 30 years. Our heart, thoracic, and vascular surgeons use the least invasive methods to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient. Many complex surgeries can now be performed using a minimally invasive approach, decreasing the risks of complications and allowing patients to heal faster.

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Heart Failure

An estimated five million Americans live with heart failure, a medical term that describes a heart that is still working but is no longer pumping as strongly or filling as effectively as it once did. The term “heart failure” describes damage that has resulted from long-standing heart disease or from a severe heart attack. At Carilion Clinic, we have specialized expertise in helping patients throughout Virginia with heart failure live well as possible for as long as possible.

Heart failure may result from any or all of the following:

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Heart Disease Prevention

Living a healthy lifestyle – or even a somewhat healthier lifestyle – can significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease. By making even small changes to improve your health, such as losing 5-10% of your body weight if you are overweight, incorporating more physical activity into your day or quitting smoking, you’ll lower the odds you’ll develop heart disease.

There are some risk factors for heart disease that you cannot control, including:

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Coronary Artery Disease

Prevention is the best medicine. You’ve heard the saying before, but when it comes to coronary artery disease (or heart disease or cardiovascular disease, which are all names for the same set of problems), it’s especially true. Improving your health habits reduces your risk of developing heart trouble, no matter your age.

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Cardiac Services

Carilion Clinic is the only healthcare system in western Virginia with a hybrid operating room, our specialists are using state-of-the-art technologies to perform the most complex open heart surgeries, as well as minimally invasive procedures, to help our patients spend less time in the hospital and recover faster. With a nationally accredited Chest Pain Center and Heart Alert Program, our heart care teams can diagnose and develop specific treatment plans to get patients on the fast track to recovery.

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