The five institutes within Carilion Clinic HR Training & Development, and the specific types of learning that each focuses on, are:

Clinical Institute

The Clinical Institute is focused on clinical excellence. Core courses provide the basic education needed to achieve initial clinical competencies. Intermediate and advanced courses provide continuing education opportunities to further develop clinical skills.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is focused on growing leaders and developing them to successfully lead in an ever-evolving healthcare industry. Educational opportunities are developed based on competencies identified as being critical for leadership success.

Life Support Institute

The Life Support Institute (LSI) is focused on providing education to enhance the outcomes of life threatening emergencies, with an emphasis on preparing individuals to respond to and treat respiratory and cardiovascular crises. LSI has been affiliated with the American Heart Association (AHA) since the early 1980’s and is currently an AHA Training Center for southwest Virginia. Training centers are responsible for the proper administration and quality of the Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) programs. As the principal resource for information, support and quality control for all AHA ECC instructors, LSI is responsible for training instructors, providing updates and for monitoring the instructor’s teaching abilities. LSI also provides CPR, Automated External Defibrillator and First Aid classes to the community, area schools, churches and industry. Please visit the Life Support Classes page for more detailed information.

Institute for Performance Excellence

The Institute for Performance Excellence is focused on preparing employees to interact in a team-based, customer-oriented business environment. The institute supports growth by linking performance to the goals and challenges facing the individual and the business.

Institute for Higher Education

The Institute for Higher Education is focused on developing relationships with educational institutes as a way to further support the growth and development of employees.