We maintain a small library with books related to leadership, organizational development, and teaching.

Virtual Book Study

Continuing Professional Development recognizes the incredible power of a group of physicians all reading and processing common material that is pertinent to the mission/vision of the Clinic.

To that end we sponsor "Virtual Book Studies," during which physicians receive a book and are guided through the material via electronic communications. They are provided with material about each chapter which they are encouraged to "think about," "talk about" and "do something about" with colleagues in their clinical departments or sections.

Books that have been used for this purpose include:

  • "Practicing Excellence" by Stephen Beeson, M.D.
  • "Switch" by Chip & Dan Heath
  • "The Accountable Care Organization"

Individual Consultations

Our staff is available to consult with departments or individuals in matters of teaching, learning, educational research, or leadership.

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