Open Curriculum

Professional Development offers stand alone "Open Curriculum" sessions on a variety of topics that may be of interest to physicians and other learners. These sessions are generally designed to reflect current topics in health professions education and interdisciplinary patient care.  Sessions are held at various times, but usually between 12:00pm - 1:00pm with lunch furnished.  We also offer sessions as part of Departmental Grand Rounds.

We generally limit class size to 25 to enable discussion to be part of the sessions. Open Curriculum sessions usually feature discussion among participants from many different specialties and departments.  Dialog of this nature is an improtant part of learning and professional growth. Working collaboratively with colleagues is vital to providing effective integrated care which is at the heart of Carilion Clinic’s mission.

Topics are identified via regular needs assessment exercises. We also meet regularly with Department Chairs and take feedback from our colleagues seriously.

The current schedule for the Open Curriculum Series (2013-2014) is listed by clicking the link below.  For further information, contact our offices via email or by calling (540) 853-0131. 


Open Curriculum 2013-2014.pdf