Employee Assistance Programs

Carilion Clinic’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help both our internal customers (employees, Human Resources, family members, and management) and employees of the many external client companies who contract with us. Participating employers provide our counseling service at no charge to their employees and dependent family members. EAP services are confidential and designed to help employees with their problems without jeopardizing their privacy, pay, or promotion status at work.

EAP Services provide a variety of different supports to employees and family members:

  • Help in getting through the demands of life and work by identifying practical solutions before the pressures become overwhelming and costly;
  • Working with client companies to help guide and support managers in their handling of difficult employees
  • Provides consultation and training in personality conflicts, stress management, work teams and conflict resolution.
  • Providing professional coaching services.

To find out more about Carilion Clinic Employee Assistance Program, check out the video below.