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this is really embarassing

OK, so I need to apologize to my loyal readers: and I know you are there--HOW? Because so many of you came to visit yesterday despite there being no new post for a week. This means I broke the promise I made to you just recently, and my life is out of control.

Well, maybe not completely out of control, but time seems to be at a premium.


There is time for sleeping (some times, when I am not on call), time for eating (most days, but not all), time for family (especially when I fly to Boston to see my daughter, son-in-law and grandson), time for taking care of me (really?), time for friends whose children both young and grown are giving them fits), time for shopping (a few major holidays are on the way). Oh, did I mention time to go to work, take care of patients, deliver and write up yearly performance reviews, solve problems, recruit new physicians, run committees and attend meetings? I also have make time to read 1200 pages of background materials in advance of  attending a national committee meeting for the American Academy of Pediatrics later this week, to be held in Tuscon--three plane rides away.

And then there is time for social media and blogging, or not.

I love this blog. I love TO blog. I know it therefore follows that I would naturally make time to blog.

And I do.

Until I find that I love something more, or I am more inclined to do something else, or I am more compelled to complete a specific task on my "to do" list. So I do find the time. Its just that when I find it, there isn't very much of it. And so it goes.....

And so it goes. I am not COMplaining. I am EXplaining to you, my devoted readers, why I have disappointed you this week.  And it's not that I have been slacking off and lazy. I have been working on it. I have four or five drafts of posts in varying degrees of "done-ness" on a variety of topics. I want to finish the one on performance reviews sooner rather than later. Then there is one on the nature of diversity in medicine, one on why hospital acquired infections are so hard to prevent, one on change in healthcare, and one on the perils of paying medical students to work in health-related fields. They all need fact checking, grammar checking, and multiple revisions before they are done. They need to be read and re-read before they are ready for YOU to see them. I have time for this, but just not enough, and just not right now.

So, this is where you come in. Write something for me, to me, to share here. It could be about how you spend your time, the things you try to make time for, but just can't seem to manage, or it could be advice for me or others who seem to have some difficulty managing all the time sinks in their lives. Or anything you'd like to write about. Knowing we have a community growing here at this site keeps me going, helps me devote the time even when other tasks are calling and demanding their share, fair or otherwise.

Forgive me, and thanks for stopping by.

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