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Keely Like Susan - we are forced to depend on 'herd immunity' - the vaccines we cannot give to him will still directly benefit him as the kids that surround him are mostly vaccinated, meaning that they aren't likely to have (or spread) the more serious vaccine-covered diseases.
The VAST majority of parents are happy to vaccinate their children and their children do just fine with it - and that is what we depend on to protect Brandon. Brandon's first vaccine was MMR at 12 months and it broke my child in so many ways. The vaccine it'self was the culprit - it was the stress it caused on his body that sent him into a tailspin - it happened to be the vaccine, but could just as easily have been a cold, or a hot day. But it was the vaccine. As such - we have not consented to any more vaccines. our doctor supports us, we are confident with our decision, and yet most people not familiar with the situation immidiately assume I am a 'hippy' or just generally paranoid, and that my child should not be allowed to go to school/daycare/public events/etc because he may endanger the other kids (ignoring the fact that most of them are vaccinated).

Grown parents insisting that my child should not be allowed to go to school because giving him a vaccine would literally be putting his life on the line.

So - before people make assumptions about these kinds of things, It's usually best to keep one's mind open before jumping to conclusions - and like all other parenting issues, leave it to the parent and the doctor to sort out - throwing anger/hate at a parent in the middle of what might be a much much harder decision than most can comprehend is flat out cruel.

Things are never black and white.

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Susan to make it more clear, Karuna has systemic autoimmune disease and acts functionally she has no immunity to encapsulated bacteria. Per immunology, she gets yearly revaccinations of Flu, HIB, and PneumoVax, as well as frequent Menactra. She does not get any other vaccines.
Keely, I totally agree with you. I have unfortunately seen, however, a large group of parents who feel that the fact that their kid gets a fever and irritable with a vaccine is a "vaccine reaction" when in fact it is the immune system working properly in response to the vaccine. Kids like ours get true vaccine reactions...Karuna is tachy and needs oxygen for days after most vaccines. I think a lot of people see a fever and grumpiness and assume the vaccine is poisoning their child, simply because they don't understand the mechanism of how vaccines work and why kids often respond the way they do.

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Heather You both are so right. Catherine gets high fevers with some vaxxes, but I don't freak out and say never again, because a fever is your body working to fight something. And yea, Keely, I hear you on the reactions not to the vax per se, but to the stress of the vax on the system. That is totally different than your body working normally. Lindsey has not had reactions TO vaccines, but her system has gone haywire trying to deal with vaccines. We still do them, but her neuro has come up with a pretty strict protocol for her in order for her to get them.
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Catherine Unfortunately "herd immunity" is a myth. If you really research it, you find that the outbreaks are often as high or higher in people already vaccinated. I was vaccinated for both measles and mumps and yet still caught both (neither was a huge deal because I was a healthy kid with decent nutrition, I know that's not the case for everyone). I know lots of folks who have gotten the chicken pox vaccine and still got chicken pox. My question to this panel would be why haven't studies been done on the safety of an accumulation of vaccines in the system (I think we're up to 32 now?). Yes, individual vaccines have been determined to be safe, but why is nobody studying what all of them combined might affect? When will they look at this, or will the big pharmaceutical companies prevent that because they make so much money on this? Could there possibly be a correlation between the rising quantities of vaccines and the meteoric rise in autoimmune disorders? As far as the practice that bans unimmunized kids, no matter what my decision was on vaccines, I'd leave and find another practice that didn't coerce or pressure parents -- I find that pretty controlling, and wouldn't put up with it. I'm a consumer, not a mindless robot that will do their bidding just because they'll shun me if I don't!

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