Our Board of Directors is a professional group dedicated to guiding CNRV while representing their respective communities. They meet regularly to discuss ways to continue enhancing and improving the patient experience, perception and overall quality of care.

Our Senior Management Team represents each of the important departments that make up CNRV in order to provide the necessary leadership and teamwork for a positive patient experience. They are committed to excellence.

Our Senior Management Team

  • Bill Flattery, CNRV President/VP Carilion Clinic Western Region
  • Cleo Williams, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Kathy Landreth, Senior Director, Regional Operations
  • Anthony Grafsky, Director, Strategic Development - Community Markets
  • Pat Oney, Director, Quality Management
  • Donna Downs, Director, Finance Services

Our Board of Directors

  • Joseph Scartelli, Chair
  • Carolyn Brown, Vice Chair
  • Larry Hincker, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Bill Flattery, Hospital President
  • Charlie Bissell, M.D., Chief of Medical Staff
  • Todd Murray
  • Frederic Rawlins, II, D.O.
  • N.L. Bishop
  • Mark Rogers, D.O.
  • Joseph Sheffey
  • Thomas Starnes
  • Barbara Cook Turk
  • Chris Whittaker, N.P.

Director Emeritus

  • Lester L. Lamb