more on autism and vaccines

This past Sunday the  NY Times Magazine published a story about Andrew Wakefield, and his rise and fall in the field of autism research, the connection between autism and vaccines, and the response he has received from the medical community, some autism advocacy groups, and his home country of Great Britain.

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did you know.....

that this week (April 23-30) is National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW)??? Well it is!

Bet you didn't even know there was such a week

Well the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that the United States will join about 100 other nations world-wide in events that educate and encourage immunization. I have written about immunizations here before, and would like to continue to urge my readers to make certain that your children are appropriately immunized against preventable communicable diseases.

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"doctor, have you never known a woman to throw her baby out the window because of colic?"

Those  were the exact words spoken to me

by my oral examiner for my Pediatrics certification in 1984. We were "discussing" the use of medications of possible use in infantile colic, and I was sticking to my guns not wanting to prescribe a certain drug the examiner had suggested,  metaclopromide, more commonly known as reglan. My major reason for refusing was that I was not absolutely certain how the drug worked, or what its major side effects were, and I was absolutely certain that if, in the course of this examination, I prescribed a drug with which I was unfamiliar I could fail.

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autism and pertussis

As you have probably heard, the US is in the midst of a widespread pertussis outbreak.

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will your child's camp experience break your heart?

When my oldest daughter went to "sleep-away" camp for the first time, she was about 9  years old, in the summer between 3rd and 4th grade.

She was extremely excited to be going to an all girls camp that specialized in horseback riding.

Prior to making the decision for her to attend in the summer, we visited the camp (about 150 miles from our home), took a tour, met with the owners and made the decision together that this was definitely where she wanted to go. She was (and still is) a gregarious child, who made friends easily, and had never had problems being away from home overnight. She said goodbye to us casually, and although I was crying as we drove away, she was running off discovering the camp and making new friends, seemingly without a care in the world.

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Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital in the newspaper

Many thanks to Sarah Bruyn Jones for the excellent article on our children's hospital published  in the Roanoke Times on Sunday March 27. If you haven't seen it, give this  LINK a click to read it on line. I think it really describes how we have grown over the last few years. It highlights our services and points out some things that make being at the children's hospital different from being at a place that just happens to take care of children.

The paper article is a bit more in depth, with more pictures and a map of all the sites where we provide pediatric care, but the electronic version will give you a good sense of what's going on.

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got a prescription for that tylenol?

I was interested to read a story in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) last week about some unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

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motherhood and apple pie?

If you have lived in the US for more than an hour, you have undoubtedly heard the expression: "That's as American as motherhood and apple pie." I have no issues with the apple pie component of this statement, my last post on obesity notwithstanding. I have no knowledge of how well or poorly America treats its apples.

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something might be wrong

Sorry, dear readers, I was fully intending to write a new post on Friday, but was stymied by something being wrong with my log on for this blog site. It has been fighting me all weekend, and just now I have managed to get on. Before I write too much I am testing it to see whether it is really working.

I promise you a post soon. Hopefully later this evening......

Leave me a comment or two so we can see if it is working correctly. The interface seems somehow different to me, although quite similar to its normal self

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