allergic to food?

The incidence of food allergies seems to be growing, but sometimes the definition of a food allergy is not at all clear.

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surgery at the children's hospital

 When we think about choosing a place for our child to have surgery we think, appropriately, about the surgeon, and perhaps the anesthesiologist.

Many surgeons and anesthesiologists are able to provide technically excellent intraoperative care for children as well as adults, or exclusively for children, but if that care is provided in a non-children's hospital, something else might be missing. I am including below an exerpt from a letter written by the grandparent of a child who recently underwent a surgical procedure at the Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital to one of our Child Life Specialists.

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it's a nice thing to do

Wow, I can't believe the luck some people have (or don't).

A lovely family was in the process of moving from New Jersey to South Carolina, but were on their way first to Tennessee for the Thanksgiving holiday. They happened to stop in Roanoke and got a room at the brand-new hotel across the street from our hospital. In the middle of the night, the youngest child became very ill with wheezing and respiratory distress. Although he had had problems with wheezing many times during his first year of life, he had not had any problems for nearly a year. His mom was trying to treat his symptoms with medication she brought with her, but it wasn't working, so they brought him to our pediatric emergency department, and he was admitted to our pediatric floor.

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kids need devices too

I spent Thursday and Friday attending the first annual  PMDI conference. Impressive? Well, you probably don't know what PMDI is or why it needs a conference. Guess what? I will tell you.

The Pediatric Medical Devices Institute (PMDI) exits to bring inventors together with medical providers, engineers and regulators to enhance the development of medical devices that are useful and necessary for children.

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why I do what I do

On the inpatient pediatric unit, where I work as an occasional pediatric hospitalist, one can generally find all ages and sizes of infants, children and adolescents, with all sorts of medical and surgical problems. The role of the hospitalist is to be the general pediatrician for inpatients on our unit. We directly supervise a variety of students--medical, and physician assistant, plus interns and residents. We work side-by-side with our nursing and nurse practitioner colleagues, as well as respiratory, physical, occupational  and speech therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers, case managers, chaplains, child life specialists, and others that I may have neglected to mention.

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sudden infant death related to in utero smoke

My office is on the 13th floor of Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  I take the elevator that stops directly in front of the Labor and Delivery unit. Usually a happy place, this is where babies are born. It is also where mothers are admitted if they are in premature labor, placed on drugs to stop the contractions, and gain some time for the infant to mature before birth.

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alcohol energy drinks

Canned drinks that combine alcohol--usually a malt beverage --with caffiene have been in the news of late. You may have seen this article in the Roanoke Times: As adolescents and young adults ingest these drinks, they are turning up in Emergency Departments around the country. Some states have already banned the sale of one or more of the energy drinks, and others are considering doing so. Colleges are banning the drinks and/or warning their students about the dangers.

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celebration of quality and patient safety

I was honored today to be invited to share in the celebration of quality in the Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This is the 60-bed unit that provides care to our most vulnerable patients. It is the largest intensive care unit in our hospital, and is the third largest such unit in the State of Virginia (Inova Fairfax NICU has 72 beds in Northern Virginia, and Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD) has 62 beds.

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do you need another reason to get a flu shot?

If you need another reason to obtain a flu shot for yourself or your child this year (and EVERY YEAR) I would like to share some newly available information on the impact of "seasonal influenza" on children. An article in this month's (November) issue of The Journal of Pediatrics by Drs.

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halloween at CCHC

 I just love working on the pediatric inpatient unit! In (I suspect) every children's hospital around the country, thousands of doctors, nurses and other staff dressed up in halloween garb on Friday or Sunday or both. Our children at CCCH had the opportunity to engage in a little bit of halloween fun despite having to spend the day or the weekend in the hospital. Walking around in the non-pediatric areas of the hospital, people looked at me and either laughed, screamed, or averted their eyes. Occasionally, someone would say; "I like your hat" or "you look cute" but I am not sure they knew who I was or why I was dressed up like a witch with the letters P..E..Z on my dress.

Our team had decided to dress up like CANDY, and you can see a few of the costumes in the pictures below.

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