how do you measure up?

Do you consider yourself above average?

Are you one of those folks who always does everything they are expected to do?

Over the past couple of months I spent many hours doing annual reviews. I did  my own self-evaluation, the evaluation of my doctors after they finished their own self evaluations, the evaluations of many of my peers, my boss, my partner-vice president, plus a variety of others with whom I work who requested my input. All in all I probably did some form of written and/or verbal review for about 60 individuals.

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What is your story?

The following post was contributed by Dr. James Sherman, medical director of the newborn nursery at Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital.

I had a pediatric resident some years ago who told me the following story:

I left home before I finished high school. And found myself, a couple of years later, living in a shelter and pregnant. The father of the baby wasn’t interested in being a father and moved on. I wasn’t really prepared to be a mother, and figured we would “get by.”


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I am so excited

I wanted you to be the first to know--we have just gotten word from the Pediatric Residency Review Committee of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, that our proposed Pediatric Residency has been approved!!!

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trial by fire

I knew I shouldn't say yes. But I couldn't say no.


I was a brand new attending AND his brand new boss.

In retrospect he was testing me. And boy, what a test it turned out to be.  My first introduction to true leadership. My first opportunity to flex my wings as a pediatric intensivist. I hated the experience, but am very glad to have had it. So I agreed to cover the Pediatric ICU (PICU) for a few days so my colleague "Paul" could travel to Europe for a meeting he had neglected to put on his advance schedule. [I never did figure out how he managed to forget he was going to Europe until the day before he left.]

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