why am I like Seth Godin?

I never thought that my ideas about how folks become excellent physicians would correspond to advice from a social media marketing guru. However, last week, when I was perusing Seth Godin’s blog I came across a post entitled “Why ask why?” and was amazed to find that our philosophical approaches are almost identical.

Seth believes that “why?” is the most important question, and not asked often enough. I thoroughly agree

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the five bravest things our nurses do

We are coming to the end of “the week of the nurse” and I have come to the end of another week on service on the pediatric floor.

It is embarrassing to me that I don’t ALWAYS stop to thank the nurses I work with for their bravery.

What? Bravery? What’s that got to do with nursing?

Nurses give out medicines, tend to patients’ and parents’ needs, and carry out doctors’ “orders” RIGHT? Well, yes, but there is so much more, especially on a pediatric unit (and probably on adult units as well, but I can only write about what I know).

So this post is dedicated to the dedication and bravery of our pediatric nurses and the wonderful things they helped me and the rest of the health care team do this past week.

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the hidden academic

There is something that most of us “academic types” do that often goes unrecognized, and is almost always undervalued. However, it is a big part of my life, and I thought you might enjoy learning about it. Of course you might think it’s total nonsense, and that’s OK too. Just bear with me for a few moments.

Are you trying to guess what I am thinking? What this post is about?

It’s about reviewing manuscripts that have been submitted for possible publication in medical and scientific journals.

This is the story of PEER REVIEW

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the anatomy of a kidnapping

Yesterday, Friday, April 6, I was kidnapped by Dr. Evil. The kidnapping occurred at approximately 9 am on Friday, and I was released around 4 pm that day. The hero of the day, who caught and captured Dr. Evil (with a bit of help from federal agents) was Eric, an 8-year old child cared for by our pediatric cardiology group over many years. He is hale and hearty, despite his "zipper:" the scar that runs up and down his chest along the center of his breastbone. His memento of three separate cardiac operations performed before his 5th birthday.

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when doctors disagree

There should always be ONE right answer to any problem in medicine. You should be able to seek advice from a qualified physician about your symptoms and get an answer. If you present the next doctor you see with the same symptoms he or she should offer you the same advice as the first.

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This past week my five days as the attending physician on service went incredibly fast but also consumed a lot of my time, and more importantly, my psychic energy. During the week, I was faced with many choices.

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a long way from home

This evening, as I was taking "signout" about the patients I will inherit on the pediatric inpatient unit tomorrow, for some reason I started to think about how far away I am from "home"

Not necessarily a home to which I want to return. My original home in Brooklyn, New York. The daughter of a bus driver who graduated from High School and a homemaker who had to quit school after the 8th grade. A life with no extravagance. A life of goals that seemed unrealistic, and completely out of reach.

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aah, moments of realization, inspiration


I sometimes have real trouble writing posts for this blog. Not because I can't think of anything to say, but because I often find myself so limited with regard to time to do things. Usually my life AT work is so full of meetings and other time-critical commitments that most of my writing is done from home.

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what's so special about new?

We are obsessed with everything new.

Aren't we? New clothes, new shoes, new movies, new electronic gadgets, new medical procedures, new drugs.  Now we are obsessed with the New Year. As I write this, on New Year's Eve day, 2011, I wonder why we are so obsessed. The newspaper is full of retrospectives, and all over the airwaves you can catch the "ten best" or "hundred best" songs, stunts, crimes, etc of 2011. Following the retrospectives are the predictions for 2012-- the next big trends in healthcare, in social media, in toys, in the economy.

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