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trial by fire

I knew I shouldn't say yes. But I couldn't say no.


I was a brand new attending AND his brand new boss.

In retrospect he was testing me. And boy, what a test it turned out to be.  My first introduction to true leadership. My first opportunity to flex my wings as a pediatric intensivist. I hated the experience, but am very glad to have had it. So I agreed to cover the Pediatric ICU (PICU) for a few days so my colleague "Paul" could travel to Europe for a meeting he had neglected to put on his advance schedule. [I never did figure out how he managed to forget he was going to Europe until the day before he left.]

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you won't believe what I heard on the elevator

I was riding the elevator in the hospital the other day.

Two women were chatting with each other about a recent visit of the child who was with them to the pediatrician.

Woman #1: "How was his height and weight?"

Woman #2: "His height was good--its ninety five percent, but his weight is only fifty five percent"

Woman #1: "What are you going to do about it?"

Woman #2: "Feed him as much as possible."

At which point woman #2 took the little boy's hand and the three of them exited the elevator.

What is your image of this little boy? He looked like he was about 4 years old. The child was tall and of about average weight. He seemed perfectly healthy.

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the problem with patients

The problem with patients is they don't always read the book. I mean, how dare they come in to the hospital or office practice setting with symptoms that just don't fit any known disease, or don't make physiologic sense? These are the kinds of patients often featured on the medical drama shows. They are what make the practice of medicine challenging, frustrating, and fun.

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all healthcare workers should get the flu vaccine

The video below was made during an event a couple of weeks ago, where all of Carilion Clinic's senior executives were inoculated with this year's flu vaccine. Everyone from Nancy Agee, our CEO, to Wayne Gandee, our Chief Medical Officer, and all of our vice presidents and department chairs lined up following a meeting in the board room at Roanoke Memorial Hospital, rolled up their sleeves, and got their shots.

No one fainted or screamed.

Now, two weeks later, all of us are protected from this year's strains:

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what are you doing October 13th?

Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital will be unveiling our brand new mobile ICU to the public on October 13, 2011. It will be parked in the lot in front of CRMH and open to visitors from 10 am to 2 pm. This vehicle was made possible, in large part due to the fundraising efforts of Children's Miracle Network. It will help us provide enhanced interhospital patient transport services to the children of Southwest and Central Virginia.

Come out and take a tour of this mobile ICU. Other activities will be going on, and members of our neonatal/pediatric critical care transport team will be on hand to answer questions about the services we provide.

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searching for clouds

I woke up early this morning and went out to photograph the city of Roanoke from the Blue Ridge Parkway. I decided to try some black and white photography, and therefore decided to search for clouds. I was out of the house before sun-up, so I didn't realize I wouldn't have far to go to find them (the clouds, that is).

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happy anniversary to us

Today is our one year anniversary. Yes you and me...well some of you and me. I mean, how many of you have been around since the very beginning?

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five indicators of a week well-spent

Last Friday I  finished another week "on service" where I am responsible for all the children who are admitted to the inpatient unit of the children's hospital. I am also responsible for supervising all the other medical providers, including the medical students, interns, residents, nurse practitioner, and for working collaboratively with our nurses, therapists, nutritionists,  pharmacists and others.


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what inspires a doctor to tweet?

That's the question I was asked by Michael Hemphill for the Roanoke Times (@Roanoketimes) last week for the "One question" Sunday feature that appeared in today's paper.

My answer was kind of long-winded, but I think he captured most of the conversation pretty well (and, combined with the photograph by Brett Lemon (@BrettLemon) the article took up 2/3 of the back page of the business section).

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