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adopting six children?

A couple weeks ago I mentioned our pediatric residency received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education--otherwise known as the ACGME. This past Thursday, November 17, we held our first interview session for applicants to our program.

Interviewing REAL people makes the residency seem much more REAL than before.

While excitement is one of the words that still describes how I feel about the program starting, there are many other emotions twirling around in my mind and heart.

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the tale of the dancing doc

Once upon a time a five-year old princess known only as "the Skink" was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) because of pneumonia, caused by an ugly green troll. She suffered from insufficient oxygen in her bloodstream, and required a technique known as "high flow" oxygen delivery to ensure enough oxygen was getting into her blood to be delivered to the critical tissues-brain, heart, lungs, GI tract, kidneys. She nearly needed help breathing with a ventilator, but this was avoided due to diligent care provided by the staff. As she got better, she was reluctant to get up and move around. Walking, running and playing are necessary to get children (and princesses) to take deep breaths and clear their lungs.

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What is your story?

The following post was contributed by Dr. James Sherman, medical director of the newborn nursery at Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital.

I had a pediatric resident some years ago who told me the following story:

I left home before I finished high school. And found myself, a couple of years later, living in a shelter and pregnant. The father of the baby wasn’t interested in being a father and moved on. I wasn’t really prepared to be a mother, and figured we would “get by.”


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come make miracles with us

This Saturday,  November 5,  you have a chance to make miracles happen.

The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals-Roanoke Chapter is hosting its annual Miracles for Children Gala at the Hotel Roanoke. The event is ALWAYS fun, with lots of good food, a chance to hear from a miracle family, and an opportunity to help make miracles happen in our community.

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I am so excited

I wanted you to be the first to know--we have just gotten word from the Pediatric Residency Review Committee of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, that our proposed Pediatric Residency has been approved!!!

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90% full or 10% empty?

Vaccines are wonderful.

Vaccines are a problem.

Ninety per cent of the U.S. population has been vaccinated against most vaccine-preventable diseases. Ten per cent has not.

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how physicians know what's going on

I received this letter today from Karen Remley, Virginia Department of Health Commissioner.

Well, she didn't send it only to me but to  all physicians in the Commonwealth. I thought you might be interested to know how we physicians stay informed of what is happening in the public health arena.

As you can see from the letter, a case of influenza has been identified and there is a significant increase in the percent of patients seen at doctor's offices and emergency departments with flu-like illnesses. Not every illness that seems like influenza is caused by one of the flu viruses, but as activity of this type of illness increases, so does the likelihood that such illnesses are actually caused by the flu virus and are preventable by flu vaccine.

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more than an ambulance

I am writing this post from Boston, where I am attending the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference And Exhibition (NCE). It is always stimulating to learn new information, network with others in my field (I mostly hang out with other pediatric intensive care physicians) and meet young physicians just getting started in their careers.

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