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confessions about patient harm

A couple of days ago, Nancy Agee, president of Carilion Clinic's hospital division, distributed a sobering article from the Reader's Digest about the importance of patient safety It is moving, because it consists of a number of "confessions" of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who inadvertently caused harm to patients, and have lived with the knowledge of this harm for the rest of their careers. Such experiences happen to EVERY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER at some time in their careers, and are responsible for unnecessary harm to patients and unnecessary cost to our health care system.

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get your flu shot

I just returned from getting my flu shot and have to admire the way our employee health folks have set this up. Although the line looked long, it moved quickly. I had no actual "waiting" time, and from start to finish, spent about 8 minutes in the vicinity of the 6th floor auditorium.

I encourage all staff to get their flu shots, especially all staff who care for children.

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...and home again

Apologies for not writing last night after a busy day of listening to new information about resuscitation, and meeting with old friends and new acquaintances. Lots of walking around the San Francisco Embarcadero area, and the need to go to sleep early so I could rise at 4am to catch my plane home, lead me to  postpone the post I promised on the soon-to-be released new approaches to CPR in children.

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a day of learning new things...learning about learning

Today at the AAP NCE I attended the scientific abstract and poster presentations, followed by an afternoon of presentations and discussions about challenges in teaching medical students, residents and fellows.

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at the AAP NCE meeting

Yesterday was a day of uneventful travel from Roanoke to San Francisco.

Today I started performing the "work" of attending this meeting.  At 7:30 am I was among a small group of  pediatric subspecialists that met with the leadership of the American Board of Pediatrics to discuss issues related to maintenance of certification in the pediatric subspecialties.

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what is a children’s hospital?

Dr. Ackerman discusses her reasons for starting this Blog, and invites others to share comments and perspectives.

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