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lyme disease in Virginia

I know its been a long time since my last post.

You are not interested in the reasons, which are many, but not worthy of discussion here. Anyway, I was moved to post this short note about lyme disease, since I know that many of you are interested.

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more on autism and vaccines

This past Sunday the  NY Times Magazine published a story about Andrew Wakefield, and his rise and fall in the field of autism research, the connection between autism and vaccines, and the response he has received from the medical community, some autism advocacy groups, and his home country of Great Britain.

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will your child's camp experience break your heart?

When my oldest daughter went to "sleep-away" camp for the first time, she was about 9  years old, in the summer between 3rd and 4th grade.

She was extremely excited to be going to an all girls camp that specialized in horseback riding.

Prior to making the decision for her to attend in the summer, we visited the camp (about 150 miles from our home), took a tour, met with the owners and made the decision together that this was definitely where she wanted to go. She was (and still is) a gregarious child, who made friends easily, and had never had problems being away from home overnight. She said goodbye to us casually, and although I was crying as we drove away, she was running off discovering the camp and making new friends, seemingly without a care in the world.

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on childhood obesity

I asked a colleague of mine--a pediatrician, and a mother--to write a post about childhood obesity. This is a topic everyone is talking about; from Michelle Obama to your local YMCA. Is it just a trend, or do we really need to be concerned? Are you ready to meet the challenges she poses for parents as well as physicians at the end?

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...and the world of pediatric emergency medicine

Over a week ago I let you know that I was headed out for a number of important medical society and continuing education meetings.

I was planning to write at least every other day or night to share what I was learning and doing; to give you a behind-the-scenes view of how some of these organizations work and what they do. I am sad to report that I have been so busy, and so tired I neglected this blog in favor of more meetings, sweet dinners with old friends, and sleep, when I could manage to get some. Now, as I sit in the airport lounge waiting to make my last connection before I arrive in Roanoke, I finally have a few minutes to catch my breath and catch you up on the week's activities.

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...another way for kids to die

  On Thursday I attended a meeting of the EMSC Committee for the State of Virginia. ( EMSC stands for Emergency Medical Services for Children, and its a topic we should spend some time discussing in the future). This group oversees and makes recommendations about responding to emergencies for infants, children and adolescents. Obviously a big part of being able to respond to such emergencies is understanding what they are, and ways in which kids can be harmed.

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a new year's wish

As the new year approaches I think that of all the things I do, seeing children in the hospital over the holidays is the saddest. Therefore, I wish for all children everywhere a year (and many more to come) full of health and good cheer. But if good health is not to be, I wish them easy access to caring and informed physicians, who will treat them "by the evidence" but also "from the heart" as they would want a member of their own family to be treated.

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what would you do....

...if your adolescent child told you they were lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual (LGTB) ???

While many parents would react in various ways, there are potential health implications for youth and young adults depending upon HOW their families behave toward them once they confide in at least one parent about their sexual orientation.

The link below in HealthDay describes a study which demonstrates that if the family expresses a positive attitude toward the adolescent there is less risk of depression,  suicide and substance abuse in the early twenties, as well as improvement in genral health, well-being and self esteem.

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allergic to food?

The incidence of food allergies seems to be growing, but sometimes the definition of a food allergy is not at all clear.

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