how do you measure up?

Do you consider yourself above average?

Are you one of those folks who always does everything they are expected to do?

Over the past couple of months I spent many hours doing annual reviews. I did  my own self-evaluation, the evaluation of my doctors after they finished their own self evaluations, the evaluations of many of my peers, my boss, my partner-vice president, plus a variety of others with whom I work who requested my input. All in all I probably did some form of written and/or verbal review for about 60 individuals.

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this is really embarassing

OK, so I need to apologize to my loyal readers: and I know you are there--HOW? Because so many of you came to visit yesterday despite there being no new post for a week. This means I broke the promise I made to you just recently, and my life is out of control.

Well, maybe not completely out of control, but time seems to be at a premium.


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90% full or 10% empty?

Vaccines are wonderful.

Vaccines are a problem.

Ninety per cent of the U.S. population has been vaccinated against most vaccine-preventable diseases. Ten per cent has not.

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more than an ambulance

I am writing this post from Boston, where I am attending the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference And Exhibition (NCE). It is always stimulating to learn new information, network with others in my field (I mostly hang out with other pediatric intensive care physicians) and meet young physicians just getting started in their careers.

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the problem with patients

The problem with patients is they don't always read the book. I mean, how dare they come in to the hospital or office practice setting with symptoms that just don't fit any known disease, or don't make physiologic sense? These are the kinds of patients often featured on the medical drama shows. They are what make the practice of medicine challenging, frustrating, and fun.

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what are you doing October 13th?

Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital will be unveiling our brand new mobile ICU to the public on October 13, 2011. It will be parked in the lot in front of CRMH and open to visitors from 10 am to 2 pm. This vehicle was made possible, in large part due to the fundraising efforts of Children's Miracle Network. It will help us provide enhanced interhospital patient transport services to the children of Southwest and Central Virginia.

Come out and take a tour of this mobile ICU. Other activities will be going on, and members of our neonatal/pediatric critical care transport team will be on hand to answer questions about the services we provide.

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would you help me?

Last month we shared a lot of information about vaccines and their pros and cons. In a twitter chat, I met folks around the country interested in helping people understand the importance of vaccinating themselves and their children. I have communicated with parents and others about their need to know and understand more than is typically able to be shared during a well child visit at the primary care provider office. And just recently, one of the foremost pediatric practices in the Roanoke valley announced they would no longer be willing to care for patients who refuse to vaccinate or who want to significantly change the vaccination schedule.

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too close to home?

This is a story about failure and disappointment; hope and encouragement; and whether we can ever really know someone's true character. First a bit of background (feel free to skip this section if you want to get right to the meat of the story)


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how adults can save children's lives

We are over half-way through August--"vaccine awareness month" and you are probably tired of hearing me preach about the value of immunization.

This has been a rather eye-opening month for me, as through my Twitter activity I have come to know a number of health care providers, social media enthusiasts and educators who are all invested in improving the rate of vaccination in the population.

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