Kohl’s and Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital Educate the Community on Infant Safe Sleep

Kohl's Department Stores, through the Kohl's Cares® cause merchandise program, has donated $31,167 to Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital (CCCH). The donations were collected from Kohl’s stores located in Roanoke and Lynchburg. 

The grant will support the Kohl’s Infant Safe Sleep (KISS) program, which launched in the Roanoke Valley last fall. The program aims to better educate parents/caregivers of families in need on proper safe sleep and proper safe sleep environments for infants.

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Spinal Surgery Gives New Hope to Carilion Clinic Patient

When Carilion Clinic neurosurgeon Dr. Edgar Weaver heard about Michael Ntumy's case, he wanted to help. The missionary from Ghana had spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that was robbing him of the ability to feel and move. Dr. Weaver operated on Ntumy, hoping to keep the condition from getting worse, but during his recovery, Ntumy actually began to improve.  Learn more in this story from WSLS's Karen McNew. 

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The Future of Healthy Vending at Carilion Clinic

If you want a glimpse into the future of vending machines, you'll find it on the third floor of Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The VE-Connect machine, operating as part of Carilion's partnership with Canteen Vending, features a high definition screen, a camera and wireless internet. The screen displays nutritional information, allows the customer to search through product categories and can play videos promoting healthy food choices.

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Roanoke's "Royal Baby" at Carilion Clinic

Every baby is a prince or princess, but one Roanoke family is celebrating the fact that their little prince and Great Britain's new prince were born just 30 minutes apart, and that isn't the only similarity. Learn more from this story, broadcast on WDBJ-TV. 

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Carilion Clinic Life-Guard Crew Members Shed Pounds for Patients

Its a fact that all air ambulances have to deal with - helicopters have to follow strict weight limits in order to fly safely. Because of this, the Carilion Life-Guard flight crews took an extra step on behalf of their patients. They started a collective weight-loss program and have all shed pounds in order to increase their capacity to transport patients. That is a truely personal committment to excellent patient care! Fortunately it rarely happens, but if a patient is too heavy to fly, Carilion Clinic Patient Transportation has a fleet of advanced life support ambulances for ground transport.

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Carilion Clinic - Safe Kids Southwest Virginia

Working to Protect Children from Accidental Injuries

We talk about safety year-round, but it seems that Summer brings extra risk, with kids on their bikes, at the pool or lake, and playing in the hot sun. Thats why Carilion Clinic Safe Kids Southwest Virginia coordinator Jill Lucas Drakeford has been busy this month, making community presentations and talking to the media. Thanks Jill!  Here are some of her recent appearances on WDBJ and Fox-21/27.




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