Movember Movement Growing Steadily

The Mens Health Awareness movement known as "Movember" has crossed the half-way mark. Carilion physicians aren't the only ones growing facial hair to raise awareness of men's health issues. 



Dr. Mark Greenawald recently visited with WDBJ morning news anchor Seth Kovar to compare their progress, and talk about why men often ignore important health issues until its too late. 

He also spoke about the most important numbers a man should know. 


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Fitness Myth - Early Results Means Your Plan is Working

... and vice-versa.  Many people give up on a new fitness regimen if they aren't seeing quick results, but does that mean its not working? Carilion Clinic's Mark Greenawald, M.D, recently addressed this question with WSLS's Karen McNew. 

Watch for Dr. Greenawald as he clears up more health myths in the coming weeks on WSLS's Monday Mythbuster segment. If you're looking for a good fitness plan, check out the Carilion Fitness FitRx 60-day medical membership program. 

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Carilion Clinic Specialist Promotes Healthy Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? How do you know? Inadequate sleep can lead to serious health and safety problems. Carilion Clinic Sleep Specialist Dr. Frank Biscardi spoke with WDBJ's Melissa Gaona about healthy sleep. 

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Can you Beat the Holiday Binge?

The holidays are almost here, and many people will face overloaded dinner tables, overflowing plates and an almost irresistable urge to give in and binge. Carilion Clinic Dietitian Martha Ross recently spent some time talking to WDBJ's Melissa Gaona about ways to minimize the damage, including her own secret weapon, "Pumpkin Fluff Whip". 

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Carilion Physicians Focus on Men's Health for "Movember"

You might notice more men wearing facial hair this month (with varying degrees of success).  One of them might be your doctor.  Its part of the "Movember" movement to support men's health.  Carilion family medicine specialist Dr. Mark Greenawald recently spoke to WSLS's Karen McNew about the initiative, and offered some important health advice for men. 


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Carilion Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon Gets Patients Back on their Feet by Straightening Damaged Bones

12-year-old Halla Roberts broke her leg in four places while playing soccer.  The bad news got worse when the bone failed to heal properly.  Fortunately, Carilion Clinic Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon Trevor Owen, M.D., was able to use a special technique to gradually straighten Halla’s leg, allowing her to heal and walk normally.  Learn more in this story from WSLS’s Karen McNew.  

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