Nursing Graduates

A Letter from Carolyn Webster, Chief Nursing Officer, Senior Vice President


As a healthcare professional for over 30 years, I know firsthand the opportunities and rewards in nursing are boundless. With a nursing degree, you begin a lifetime career path that offers challenge, variety, flexibility, lifelong learning and the satisfaction of helping others.

It’s a very exciting time to enter nursing. Nurses touch people, both literally and figuratively, in a way that very few other professions do. We are on the front line, providing care to patients during some of the happiest and most difficult times of their lives.

We realize that going from student nurse to professional nurse can sometimes be challenging, and we want our new nurses to make a successful transition. At Carilion, we believe in helping our employees develop to their full potential and working together to achieve the best patient outcomes. To help new nurses adjust to their first year, we have an extensive orientation program and a nursing new hire coordinator.

I hope that you will consider joining the Carilion nursing team. Nursing is a noble, rewarding profession, and Carilion is a great place to work.

Carolyn Webster
Chief Nursing Officer, Senior Vice President


Critical Care Education

If you will be working in a critical-care area, your manager or education consultant will work with you to ensure you receive the education you need to be successful in your area. ECCO2 is an online, evidence-based critical-care course that has been prepared by experts for the American Association for Critical Care Nurses. You will complete ECCO2 during the first six weeks of your orientation.

After completing ECOO2, you will complete three interactive Blended Learning sessions that incorporate aspects of care specific to Carilion Clinic and are arranged around types of shock: hypovolemic, cardiogenic and distributive.

Growth Opportunities

Career Advancement Program (CAP)
CAP rewards L.P.N.s, R.N.s, N.A.s and clinical secretaries as they demonstrate advanced abilities through patient care, education and committee work. As you progress in the program, you will receive increased salary and recognition. The program promotes development of skills in education, leadership or clinical practice based on your interests and talents.

Nursing Honor Society of Roanoke Valley
Through the Nursing Honor Society of Roanoke Valley you can build relationships with other nursing professionals. The Society recognizes superior achievement, leadership qualities, high professional standards, creative work and commitment to the ideals and purposes of nursing. Membership categories are undergraduate student, graduate student and community nurse leader.

Adopt-a-Student Nurse Program
The Adopt-a-Student Nurse mentoring program pairs students with seasoned nursing professionals in a variety of patient-care settings. Through a one-on-one relationship, students are mentored during a six-week commitment (two sessions are held May-June and June-August). For more information, contact Emily Allen, Recruitment Consultant, at

Caring Careers
Today’s youth can choose from so many careers that it is more important than ever to introduce them to healthcare careers. Through Caring Careers, you can excite the future generation about nursing. Nurses lead presentations at schools, churches and other youth groups to share their experiences in the healthcare field.

In Step With a Nurse
In Step with a Nurse is our way of sharing the joys, rewards and challenges of nursing with those who may not be familiar with how hospital-based nurses spend their day. In the program, a participant (“walker”) spends several hours following in the footsteps of a registered nurse as the nurse carries out daily assignments. Walkers learn of the challenges and rewards of nursing, the various career choices open to nurses, and the complex and critical thinking skills required by nurses. The program also highlights the value of nurses to the community.

Helpful Link - Virginia Board of Nursing Website

E-mail a Recruiter

Orientation Program

We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential. In fact, it’s our priority to provide the specialized education and supportive environment necessary to grow in your career. Orientation plays an important role in ensuring that you receive and understand the information you need to succeed in your new position. Our commitment to a thorough orientation will assist in your long-term success and career development at Carilion.

The quality of healthcare is dependent on the knowledge, skill, and attitudes of the practicing professionals. Knowledge and skill development begin at hire and continue throughout employment.

All employees attend a one-day orientation to introduce them to our organization. This information also includes all education required by regulatory agencies to provide an effective and safe patient care and work environment.