aah, moments of realization, inspiration


I sometimes have real trouble writing posts for this blog. Not because I can't think of anything to say, but because I often find myself so limited with regard to time to do things. Usually my life AT work is so full of meetings and other time-critical commitments that most of my writing is done from home.

Writing from home has become frustrating to me, because I am working off my laptop, and for some reason, the layout of the keyboard is not very comfortable. Not only that, but somehow I always end up accidentally erasing a paragraph or two unintentionally due to the placement of the track pad and the unwitting movement of my hands that yields a big selection and delete, or choosing some weird function key that I didn't even realize existed.

So, today it hit me: why not get a separate keyboard for my laptop? Wow, what a great idea. I ran out to an office supply store, and picked one up at a significant discount.  Now, I need only worry about the quality of my content, and not worry about how easily I could lose my most significant thoughts.

OK, so now you are probably thinking:

"Wow, I thought she was smart, bright, insightful, but now I have to wonder."

Yes, I agree with you. I feel like an absolute fool. I have always known that wireless keyboards exist for laptops. Why didn't I ever think to buy one before, and enhance my at-home productivity?  And for that question I have no answer. But what my experience points out is how inspiration or realization may not depend upon intelligence, but may be more serendipitous. I feel like a fool to have been dealing with these unintentional deletions for so long. Now, I feel like I wasted a couple of years struggling with this laptop and not moving myself in the right direction.

Life is like that some times.

Do you have any similar experiences you would like to share? Or am I the only one who cannot see "past the end of my nose" when trying to solve a problem? I would love to hear from you and whewther you have developed any techniques to ensure that you remain open to alternative solutions to everyday problems.