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The joys of (grand)motherhood

  As a pediatrician and a mother, I take an extreme joy in seeing children develop and grow; even moreso, I derive great pleasure in being able to share in even a small way as an adult optimizes a child's potential.

Lots has been written about the joys of being a grandparent.

I am not different from the usual grandmother (or in my case Uuma), but I have taken such joy in watching my oldest daughter engage her son, optimizing his interactions with the world, that I am nearly beside myself. It is so heartwarming to see your own progeny being the "right" kind of mother. I wish I could share her with the world.

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child abuse

On Wednesday, July 13, I was interviewed by Lindsey Ward of WSLS TV channel 10 in Roanoke about an article that had appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on Tuesday.

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host a lemonade stand; help children

This is for everyone in the Roanoke area, and soutwest Virginia, WE NEED YOUR HELP

Anthem LemonAid Kids Helping Kids--Host a Lemonade stand July 15-17, and generate donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals--which leads to direct support for the Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital

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a child alone with a dying woman

Seems like I am on a roll; shedding every piece of protective gear I might have. 

Shortly after I wrote my last post, which explains the origin of my drive to overcome challenges, I realized (and it seems to be for the first time, as hard as that will be for you to believe) where my passion for enhancing family-centered care for hospitalized children came from.

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happy fathers' day

My father died when I was 9. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

No, my dad was not abusive, he wasn't a drunk or a druggie. He was an upstanding, wonderful, devoted father. He doted on me as his only girl, born on his birthday, and 15 years later than his and my mother's youngest child. He was always faithful to my mother; he loved my two brothers, and provided the best for all of us.

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a Richard Scarry moment in the Children's Hospital

Last week, when I was attending on the in-patient unit for just a couple of days, I had one of the most joyous experiences ever. I need to share it with you.

A little 2 year old boy, who had been in the hospital for several days with a perplexing disease process, was starting to get better (always a joyous experience in and of itself). When I brought the team into his room that morning, he was sitting with his grandmother in the window seat,  eagerly looking out of the window and pointing to vehicles, people and other items he saw there.

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what I learned this week

I wrote my last blog post on Sunday morning,

and have spent bits and pieces of this week (so far) checking in on Twitter whenever I had a moment or two. Because I was on-service on Monday and Tuesday, there was really no block of "desk time" when I could sit in front of my computer and compose a full post.

So I tried to keep up with things happening on Twitter,

and tried to send out or re-tweet (indicated in a twitter message as RT before the @ sign that indicates the twitter name of the originator of the tweet) items that seemed to be of importance or interest to my "followers."  By using some services either on my computer or on my blackberry (TweetDeck and HootSuite) I can also post tweets to my facebook page or my LinkedIn accout).

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the mockingbird, the cowbird and the bluebird

Each morning as I sit on my deck drinking my coffee, I am privileged to watch the behavior of many bird species, and observe their approach to parenthood (among other things).

I see many parallels between this behavior in the wild and the approach to parenting I sometimes see in mothers and fathers of children admitted to the hospital.

OK, so you are thinking I am a little bit nuts, and perhaps that is true. But when you are always looking for topics about which to blog, this kind of thing happens not infrequently. So humor me, and see what you think about this metaphor when I am done.

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