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JCHS President Presents Keynote Address at Annual MLK Breakfast

Dr. N.L. Bishop, president of the Jefferson College of Health Sciences, presented the keynote address before a capacity crowd at the annual Martin Luther King Day breakfast at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.  The event is sponsored each year by the Roanoke Valley Chapter of the North Carolina A&T State University Alumni Association. In his address, Bishop told the story of the creation of the George Solonevich Scholarship at JCHS and its connection to his "Freedom's Price" portrait of Dr. King.

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a long way from home

This evening, as I was taking "signout" about the patients I will inherit on the pediatric inpatient unit tomorrow, for some reason I started to think about how far away I am from "home"

Not necessarily a home to which I want to return. My original home in Brooklyn, New York. The daughter of a bus driver who graduated from High School and a homemaker who had to quit school after the 8th grade. A life with no extravagance. A life of goals that seemed unrealistic, and completely out of reach.

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collaboration--your help is needed

I am planning to spend most of this weekend writing a chapter on NP/physician collaboration for a resource book by and for nurse practitioners. I would love to hear from my readers any insights, impressions, beliefs, concerns about the collaborative nature of practices that involve NPs.

If you are an NP,

I would love to read how you have found your relationships with various physicians with whom you have worked. Are they interested in collaboration or do they have other reasons for working with an NP? What are the barriers you have found to NP/doc collaboration? How have you worked to overcome those barriers?

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aah, moments of realization, inspiration


I sometimes have real trouble writing posts for this blog. Not because I can't think of anything to say, but because I often find myself so limited with regard to time to do things. Usually my life AT work is so full of meetings and other time-critical commitments that most of my writing is done from home.

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what's so special about new?

We are obsessed with everything new.

Aren't we? New clothes, new shoes, new movies, new electronic gadgets, new medical procedures, new drugs.  Now we are obsessed with the New Year. As I write this, on New Year's Eve day, 2011, I wonder why we are so obsessed. The newspaper is full of retrospectives, and all over the airwaves you can catch the "ten best" or "hundred best" songs, stunts, crimes, etc of 2011. Following the retrospectives are the predictions for 2012-- the next big trends in healthcare, in social media, in toys, in the economy.

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how do you measure up?

Do you consider yourself above average?

Are you one of those folks who always does everything they are expected to do?

Over the past couple of months I spent many hours doing annual reviews. I did  my own self-evaluation, the evaluation of my doctors after they finished their own self evaluations, the evaluations of many of my peers, my boss, my partner-vice president, plus a variety of others with whom I work who requested my input. All in all I probably did some form of written and/or verbal review for about 60 individuals.

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Dear Santa,

I've been good this year, Santa.  Well... I've tried really hard to be good, so I am going to send you my list and hope you can do what I am asking for. Two years ago I asked for world peace, and last year I asked you to fix the economy. Now, I truly believe you exist, but you are going to have to do better this year, OK?

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