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Carilion Clinic Receives 2012 VHHA Community Benefit Award

The award was presented to Carilion for the Adolescent and Student Health Services Program of Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital

Pictured are, from left: Linda Staley, brand manager; Kim Robertson, practice director; Brooks Michael, adolescent health educator; Allen Blackwood, M.D., medical director; Melina Perdue, executive vice president; Bill Hazel, Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources


VHHA News Release


Wellmont Health System Named as Finalist

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my social media speaking debut

Many of you are aware that I was attending Social Slam this Friday, and that I got to give a 10-minute presentation about some events that came together early on. You have all heard the story of our Vaccine Town Hall, so I won't repeat it here.

I was planning to talk about the conference, and how wonderful it was, but it seems that one of the attendees has beat me to it. So I invite you to visit Chris Craft's blog and read the story.

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Donation Enables Ultrasound Training at VTC

Portable ultrasound machines give med students real-time training in the classroom

New Imaging technology can make a difference in the classroom and the emergency room - and students at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute are training on the most advanced portable ultrasound equipment available, thanks to Sonosite, which donated 12 of the $30,000 machines.

Learn more in this news story, broadcast by WDBJ

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New Cancer Treatment Making a Difference for Patients

SIR-Spheres treat liver tumors with radiation while protecting healthy tissue

Radiation can kill cancerous tumors, but can also be harmful to surrounding healthy tissue. A new treatment, now available through Carilion Clinic and Blue Ridge Cancer Care, uses microscopic radioactive beads that travel through the blood stream and get stuck in the tumor, delivering radiation only where its needed.


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Is it really OK to sleep with your baby?

Here is a post I am most eager for you all to read. It is submitted by Vanessa Freville, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital. She is a former PICU nurse, pediatric Emergency Department NP, and currently works with the hospitalist group in the in-patient area. Vanessa is very passionate about keeping our infants and children safe. She is an active member of the Roanoke SafeKids alliance. In honor of SIDS awareness week, she wrote this post to encourage conversation and exploration of the practice of SAFE SLEEP in infants. I suspect this one may engender many comments. Please let us know your opinions, positive or negative.

How many parents have shared their own bed or fallen asleep with their baby at some point?

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Jefferson College of Health Sciences Prepares for Returning Veterans

One in six returning veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of Traumatic Brain Injury

Carilion Clinic's Jefferson College of Health Sciences is part of "Joining Forces", a group of 500 nursing schools across the country working to train care-givers to better meet the needs of returning veterans.

Learn more in this story, broadcast on WDBJ.
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what do you think about social media in medicine?

In a recent post I discussed some of the reasons why physicians like myself might choose to blog, tweet and communicate via Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. As I mentioned then, there is a bunch of controversy over the use of social media communication in the field of medicine. Those who don’t use it don’t see why anyone should use it. Some use it inappropriately. Some break ethical standards, or laws such as HIPAA by divulging protected private information about patients.

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the anatomy of a kidnapping

Yesterday, Friday, April 6, I was kidnapped by Dr. Evil. The kidnapping occurred at approximately 9 am on Friday, and I was released around 4 pm that day. The hero of the day, who caught and captured Dr. Evil (with a bit of help from federal agents) was Eric, an 8-year old child cared for by our pediatric cardiology group over many years. He is hale and hearty, despite his "zipper:" the scar that runs up and down his chest along the center of his breastbone. His memento of three separate cardiac operations performed before his 5th birthday.

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why do doctors blog?

There are many questions that people ask when they find out that I am engaged in social media. They seem incredulous that I would spend my time blogging or tweeting instead of ....what? For me, blogging and tweeting are part of the activities I do when I am NOT engaged in every day medical work. In other words, I am not doing this instead of seeing a patient. I am writing when I am either in my academic office or at home, or maybe while I am traveling. Many folks don't seem to understand some of the things that might motivate a physician to spend "free" time in this way. Why bother?

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