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Notice to Patients Regarding Recent Radiology Billing Statement

In early 2009, a private radiology practice, New River Valley Radiology, joined Carilion Clinic. This week an old disk containing a list of uncollected accounts from that time period was mistakenly used by our collection agency. About 9000 letters were distributed. We believe many of the accounts had already been paid and were not overdue.  All of the accounts are on hold and there will be no collection activity while we sort things out. We are very sorry for the error and will be sending a letter to all patients involved with an explanation and apology.

Information regarding these accounts has NOT be communicated to the various credit reporting agencies. The incorrect notices should not affect your credit report.

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on excellence-an open letter to our incoming pediatric residents, and to graduating medical students everywhere

This is graduation season. I have given a number of graduation talks to residents beginning a new facet of their careers. I thought I would share parts of the last graduation speech I was invited to give to the finishing pediatric residents at the University of Maryland Medical System and School of Medicine, before I left there to start the newest facet of my career at Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital. Excellence has been on my mind lately, as I contemplate the start of our new Pediatric residency. And so instead of waiting until they are going out into the world at large following their training with us, I would like to share my feelings about excellence as they get ready to start.

 Dear in-coming resident:

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why am I like Seth Godin?

I never thought that my ideas about how folks become excellent physicians would correspond to advice from a social media marketing guru. However, last week, when I was perusing Seth Godin’s blog I came across a post entitled “Why ask why?” and was amazed to find that our philosophical approaches are almost identical.

Seth believes that “why?” is the most important question, and not asked often enough. I thoroughly agree

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the five bravest things our nurses do

We are coming to the end of “the week of the nurse” and I have come to the end of another week on service on the pediatric floor.

It is embarrassing to me that I don’t ALWAYS stop to thank the nurses I work with for their bravery.

What? Bravery? What’s that got to do with nursing?

Nurses give out medicines, tend to patients’ and parents’ needs, and carry out doctors’ “orders” RIGHT? Well, yes, but there is so much more, especially on a pediatric unit (and probably on adult units as well, but I can only write about what I know).

So this post is dedicated to the dedication and bravery of our pediatric nurses and the wonderful things they helped me and the rest of the health care team do this past week.

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Spine Surgery Relieves Pain, Restores Active Lifestyle

Charles Duprey's extreme leg pain pretty much shut down his active lifestyle. Carilion Clinic  Neurosurgeon Nicholas Qandah, D.O. discovered that the problem wasn't in his leg,  it was in his spine.  Surgery, with an innovative technique using two surgeons to shorten the length of the procedure, got him back on his feet.   Learn more about Charles and how Dr. Qandah was able to help him in this story,  broadcast on WDBJ-TV

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the hidden academic

There is something that most of us “academic types” do that often goes unrecognized, and is almost always undervalued. However, it is a big part of my life, and I thought you might enjoy learning about it. Of course you might think it’s total nonsense, and that’s OK too. Just bear with me for a few moments.

Are you trying to guess what I am thinking? What this post is about?

It’s about reviewing manuscripts that have been submitted for possible publication in medical and scientific journals.

This is the story of PEER REVIEW

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mother versus baby

The tragedy of neonatal abstinence is all around us.

This video was forwarded to me by one of our operations efficiency engineers who works with the physicians and nurses in our neonatal intensive care unit. Our approach to the treatment of these fragile babies is slightly different, as we attempt to get the infants and moms together, preferably at home after their initial stabilization. Nonetheless, the description of the suffering these babies go through is very clear.

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Designer Drugs Causing Concern in Virginia

New "designer" drugs sold legally in many states are causing concern among physicians and law enforcement officials. The drugs, with names such as "bath salts" , began showing up in rural Virginia hospital emergency departments about 18 months ago.  Carilion Clinic emergency medicine physician Dr. John Burton recently spoke with WSLS about the issue.
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