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Have you ever wondered how some people face terrible adversity in their lives and just seem to be able to pick themselves up and start all over?

Do you think these folks are less affected by their adversity than others? Are they less “emotional”?

Well, I have been thinking a lot about resilience lately, and thought I would share some of my thoughts. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I often take inspiration for my posts by reflecting upon observations I make of birds in my back yard.

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Area Golfers Raise $12,000 for Cancer Patients

Bob Hartman, Robin Hartman, Tracie Gordon and Richard Goad watch as Sonny Helms, with Butterfield’s Golf Cars and Turf Equipment presents the check to Aaron Rivers, representing the Carilion Clinic Cancer Center Sunshine Fund.

“Swinging for a Cure” donation will provide transportation and financial support for Carilion Clinic Cancer Center Patients

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my babies are coming

Well, you and I both know they aren't really babies, but they will feel like my children for the next three years--and probably for the rest of my life. Our first pediatric residents arrive on Monday, June 18.


They will spend two weeks getting oriented and acclimated to their new "home" and will start working as physicians on July 1 or 2. Today I received their blackberry numbers and their photos. They all have institutional email addresses. Most of them probably don't know this information yet. I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

I see this time as a "coming of age" of our pediatric program.

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I looked at my grandson and started to cry

I visited my grandchildren last weekend—and my daughter and son-in-law, too, of course. It’s hard living so far away, but I try to get there about once a month if the weather and the airlines cooperate. My newest grandson is a little over 3 months old, and he is kind of hefty—weighing in at 17 pounds, about the size of a typical 7 –9 month old. He is healthy and is obviously thriving on his diet of breast milk only. While I was sitting on the couch, holding him, talking with him, cuddling him and making him laugh, I started to cry. I was overcome with sadness. I was thinking about how much love this little guy receives now, and will for the foreseeable future, and at the same time, about how many children may never know love, kindness, or a full belly.

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the third part

I have got to give you credit for coming back and sticking with me. Yes, my interview with Mike Wallace really did happen, and yes, today I am going to tell you about it. One of the reasons I have been "stalling" is because I wanted to show you some clips, but I cannot find any. CBS only has clips on its website back to 1993, none before. I know I have a VHS of the program, but: a) I can't find it and b) even if I could find it I wouldn't have a clue how to turn it into a format that I could upload to You Tube and embed in this blog. I know, I am disappointing you by my lack of technical prowess. But for now, you will just have to depend upon my memory. It wasn't totally clear what Mr.

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my interview with Mike Wallace-part 2

Yes, it really did happen.

It was late spring of 1990, and Mike Wallace was headed to Baltimore and the University of Maryland Medical Center to interview me. Not JUST me, but me and several of my medical and surgical colleagues.

I wasn’t really all that scared, although in retrospect I should have been. He didn't seem all that bad.

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my interview with Mike Wallace, part 1

When I first heard in early April that Mike Wallace had died, I felt a bit sad. Kind of like hearing about the death of a friend you haven't seen in twenty years. Although he was known as a super-aggressive TV reporter, I didn't seem to know that side of him. How I did come to meet him, and in fact to be interviewed by him for the weekly news magazine, 60 Minutes is a long story. In this post I will tell you how it came to be. Later, I will tell you all about the interview itself.

This is really the story of serendipity

Of being in the right place at the right time. Of saying YES when you could say NO. Of course, I suspect that if any of you received a call from a 60 Minutes producer asking for an interview you would say yes, too. But it didn't really happen that way.

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Focus on Pool Safety

Pools are opening across the region now that schools are closing their doors for the summer.  Before you hit the water, take a moment to focus on safety. Lifeguards and pool floats are no substitute for adult supervision when it comes to kids in pools.  Learn more from experts and parents at Carilion Clinic's Botetourt Athletic Club in this story broadcast on WDBJ-TV.
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Cardiac "Life Vest" Saves Rockbridge County Man

When you hear "Life Vest", you probably think of the life jacket you wear on a boat, but this "Life Vest" is worn on land. Rockbridge County resident Eugene Paxton, Jr. was wearing his when his heart began beating erratically, and it saved his life. You can learn more about Eugene and hear what Carilion Clinic cardiologist, Dr. Jeffery Todd says about the new technology in this story from WSLS-TV.
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