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drink lemonade, make miracles

It's getting hotter out there.


Summer is a great time for lemonade

Libby, one of our "miracle kids" is helping raise awareness of how hosting a Lemonade stand, and buying lemonade from such a stand can help your children's hospital--OUR Children's Hospital

Follow the links below for two short videos of our darling miracle child helping to make more miracles happen

Helping Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital keep YOUR miracle child Close To Home

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week of the nurse: one physician's tribute to all nurses


You make me look good,

.....and I forget your name

You comfort my patient and their family,

.....and go home late to YOUR family

You help my student do the right thing,

.....and I never say "thank you"

You remind me of my duty,

.....and I yell at you for overstepping your bounds

You spend much time saying "yes"

.....when you'd rather say "no"

You find a wrong order,

.....and you call to correct it before the patient is harmed

You stand at the bedside of a dying child,

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