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how to cure poverty

Think for a moment of poverty as a disease, thwarting growth and development, robbing children of the healthy, happy futures they might otherwise expect. In the exam room, we try to mitigate the pain and suffering that are its pernicious symptoms. But our patients' well-being depends on more, on public health measures and prevention that lift the darkness so all children can grow toward the light.

Those words were written by Dr. Perri Klass, in the NY Times Well Blog on May 13.

Do you believe them?

I do.

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Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Promotes Healthy Food, Healthy People

Every Thursday afternoon, employees leaving Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital are greated by a row of tables brimming with fresh, locally grown produce, meat and eggs provided by Good Food Good People.  It is part of Carilion's employee wellness initiative, making it convenient to pick up healthy, local food. Employees from nearby Carilion office buildings and South Roanoke neighborhood residents also participate in the community market.

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Menopause: Don’t Sweat It

Acknowledging the symptoms, easing concerns, and accepting change

It’s no secret ladies: As women age, changes to our bodies and appearance start to come on gradually.

Is that a gray hair?

Where did that wrinkle come from?

Why does my body feel so achy?

The answers to these questions are usually not easy to accept and often times, scary to think about. But beyond the gray hairs and extra wrinkles, many women grow concerned about the thought of entering menopause, especially after the age of 40. It’s something all women will go through, but something most are not comfortable discussing.

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Your Family History Matters

How genetic counseling can help determine your cancer risks

All of us have busy lives. Whether it’s making sure the kids are ready for school on time, dinner is on the table at a decent hour, or trying to complete our latest project for work, time is a precious commodity.

While it’s good to focus on the present, it’s important to know and understand your family’s past. This means going beyond researching the standard family tree and educating yourself about your family’s medical history.

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Putting Your Health First, At Any Age

Women’s health during the different stages of life

Let’s face it: Few of us have the time or ambition to become marathon runners or triathletes. Training for a 5K race might even be a stretch. But that doesn’t mean a fitness routine has to be out of reach.

Just ask Andrea Cobb, M.D., a busy mom and Carilion Clinic OB/GYN.

“I work crazy hours and have two young children,” Dr. Cobb said. “I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years. But I work my exercise into my daily life. Starting with little changes can make a big difference. I do squats while I brush my teeth and I have a strict rule about always taking the stairs. I’ll never be a world-class athlete, but at least I can keep up with my kids!”

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Safe Swimming for the Summer

The pools are open and full of kids splashing and sliding into the water. Its important to remember a few basic rules to make sure they're safe while having fun. Carilion Clinic's Safe Kids Southwest Virginia has water safety and other important safety information. WDBJ's Jean Jadhon recently visited the pool at Carilion's Botetourt Athletic Club and spoke with Aquatics Manager Tyler Bradshaw about water safety. 


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